An Atlanta Sod Supplier

As an Atlanta farm direct wholesaler, we are proud to offer a number of different sod types to the Atlanta area.

The complete list of soils we provide are:

  • Tifway 419 Bermuda - The most popular sports turf available for the last 40 years. Its rapidly spreading growth habit combines toughness with beauty making it one of the most durable grasses available.
  • Centipede - A slow growing, aggressive turf that remains low to the ground. It possesses a medium texture that possesses a moderate shade tolerance.
  • Fescue - The perfect turf for areas where a season be too hot for other types of cool season grasses, and too cold for warm season grasses. It thrives in the shade, but must be watered frequently in the summer as it cannot stand dry weather.
  • Palmetto St. Augustine - A plush appearance turf that possesses excellent shade and drought tolerances.
  • Zoysia - Perhaps the most popular lawn grass on the market because of how little maintenance is required to care for it.
    • Empire Zoysia - One of the easiest Zoysia sod grasses to maintain. Watering is only necessary when dehydration is evident. It is very resistant to pests and weeds.
    • Emerald Zoysia - A dark green turf that's widely considered the most attractive Zoysia grass on the market, but requires significantly more maintenance as a result.
    • Meyer Zoysia - A dense, dark green turf that possesses excellent wear and cold tolerance. It is more tolerant too cold than the other Zoysia grasses.
    • JaMur Zoysia - A lush, dense, blue-green turf that possesses an excellent recovery rate from wear and traffic. Is adaptable to full sun and moderate shade sites as it is the most drought tolerant of the Zoysia grasses.
    • Zeon Zoysia - A bright green turf that's widely considered the most beautiful of all the warm season turf grasses on the market. It possesses an excellent shade and drought tolerance and is resistant to insects and diseases.

A Wide Selection of Atlanta Sod

No matter the size or purpose of your Atlanta property, we have the sod that can help you achieve the look and feel that you are searching for. Our team of sod professionals can help you through every step of the process. We can help choose the sod best suited for your property, handle the delivery and installation, and then take care of the maintenance moving forward.

If you feel like your property could benefit from some fresh Atlanta sod, please give us a call or send us an email today for a quote. We are happy to help you achieve the goals you have for your Atlanta property.

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Atlanta Sod Delivery and Installation

After you've chosen which sod you'd like to outfit your Atlanta property with, our team can deliver your lawn sod directly to your property. We have the ability to deliver a pallet of sod or a number of grass pallets, we will make sure your sod grass gets their safely and quickly. Lawn sod is our passion, and if we can help improve Atlanta through our work we are happy to do so.

If you feel like your property could benefit from fresh grass rolls supplied by one of Atlanta's trusted sod suppliers, please give us a call or contact us today for a quote. We would be happy to help you achieve the sod grass goals you have for your Atlanta property    

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We are a disabled veteran owned small business with over 20 years of combined experience in Georgia sod.