Zeon Zoysia Sod in Atlanta, GA


Zeon Zoysia is another of the improved zoysia cultivars chosen for its superior genetic characteristics by BladeRunner Farms. Discovered by David Doguet, this fine-textured progeny came from selections collected by USDA breeder Jack Murray, in Kobe, Japan.

Atlanta Zeon Zoysia

Zeon was engineered and developed to provide the landscape industry with a superior fine-bladed zoysia, with increased shade tolerance, low incidence of thatch production, and an accelerated rate of spread. In addition, unlike Emerald Zoysia, Zeon is extremely low-maintenance and can be mowed using a standard rotary type of machine.

Zeon Zoysia is widely considered to be the most beautiful of all the warm season turf grasses on the market because of the beautiful green color it has after it is fully established. It's considered to be the replacement for Emerald Zoysia. In addition to being one of the most beautiful turf grasses that we offer at Atlanta Metro Sod, Zeon Zoysia is also very practical. It can handle full sun and moderate shade, possesses a fast spread rate, and is resistant to both insects and disease.


Hot Weather Tolerance: Excellent
Shade Tolerance: Medium to High
Wear Resistance: Excellent
Salt Tolerance: Excellent
Injury Recovery: Excellent
Winter Color: Dormant
Mowing Height: 1 to 2 inches

General Maintenance


Use any soil fertilizer and follow label instructions. Do not apply nitrogen containing fertilizers until the soil temperature is 65 degrees Fahrenheit and rising at 4-inches.


Maintain a regular watering schedule.


Maintain a mowing height of 1/2 to 1 1/2 inches on a regular mowing schedule.

Zeon Zoysia and Thatch in Atlanta

What separates Zeon Zoysia from Emerald Zoysia is the layer of thatch that Emerald Zoysia produces. Thatch is a thin layer of grass clippings, roots, and stems that settle on the ground of your lawn if aeration hasn't taken place in a while. Thatch either slowly decomposes or builds up to the point that it will prevent water from reaching your living roots. While a small amount of thatch actually protects your lawn's soil layer, and acts as a mulch layer that prevents the water from evaporating from the surface. Just like anything, thatch is good in moderation. Along with blocking out the water, too much thatch also provides diseases with a decaying surface to feed on, opening your lawn up to a world of problems. While Zeon Zoysia doesn't provide your Atlanta property with the benefits of thatch, it also doesn't bring along any of the problems that thatch brings either.

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