Zoysia Sod Grass in Atlanta, GA

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Zoysia grass serves as a dense, cushiony, eco-friendly solution to your Atlanta lawn, golf course, or athletic field sod problems. Zoysia sod is the perfect grass for a golf course or any lawn that is susceptible to heavy foot traffic.

Zoysia Types


Empire Zoysia

Emerald Zoysia

Meyer Zoysia

JaMur Zoysia

Zeon Zoysia

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Zoysia Grass in Atlanta

Zoysia sod is a warm season grass that thrives in the southern United States. When purchasing zoysia sod, you can be sure that your lawn or golf course will thrive in the Atlanta summers and remain functional for the remainder of the year.

Benefits of Zoysia Sod in Atlanta

There are a number of benefits when it comes to installing Zoysia sod on your Atlanta property. A few of the benefits of choosing Zoysia grass are:

  • Zoysia grass is eco-friendly. Zoysia grass has a deep root system that requires very little watering. Once Zoysia grass is established, it's so thick and its roots are so deep that weeds are blocked out, and it becomes very resistant to pests and disease. As a result, you will have to use a small amount of chemicals, if you end up having to use any, to maintain the Zoysia sod on your property.
  • Zoysia sod requires less mowing. Instead of primarily growing upward, Zoysia sod grows latterly first. Because the upward growth is secondary, there is less mowing involved when it comes to maintaining your Atlanta property.
  • Zoysia grass is traffic and pet tolerant. As the zoysia sod on your Atlanta property grows laterally to establish itself, it also develops the ability to repair itself. Although no sod is immune to constant pet waste, Zoysia sod tolerates pet waste better than other types of grass. This makes Zoysia sod the perfect surface for lawns, playing fields and golf courses in Atlanta.

Zoysia Sod Available in Atlanta

Atlanta Metro Sod is proud to offer a variety of different Zoysia grass types. The types of Zoysia grass we provide are:

  • Empire Zoysia - A durable, blue-green grass that requires less water and fertilizer than other grass types. Empire zoysia is very resistant to pests and disease.
  • Emerald Zoysia - A dark green, fine textured turf that forms a very lush looking lawn and is an excellent sod for the Atlanta area as it does well in warm environments.
  • Meyer Zoysia - A dense turf that's resistant to weeds, insects and disease. Meyer zoysia is also tough enough to handle heavy wear, cold and Atlanta heat.
  • JaMur Zoysia - The most drought tolerant of the zoysia species, making it perfect for the hot Atlanta summers.
  • Zeon Zoysia - A bright green grass resistant to both disease and insect infestation.

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